Discussion Forum

Sunday the 24th

Perception: The artists’ perspective

15:45 - 17:15          Center for the Promotion of Science         Organizer: Robert Pepperell

Like many in the science community, artists are fascinated by human perception in all its forms. Throughout the history of art we find artists experimenting with the effects of colour, visual illusions, depth and spatial perception, vection, as well as properties of sound, motion and sensation. This forum provides an opportunity for artists to show examples of their work and share their ideas and experiences. Its purpose is to encourage greater understanding among the science community about how artists work and think, and so promote fertile interaction between art and science.




Curators: Robert Pepperell and Bilge Sayim


Contributing artists:


Robert Malte Engelsmann
Kaeghoro, Berlin, Germany
'Abstract character & perception drawing' series


Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez
London, UK


Robert Pepperell
Cardiff School of Art & Design, UK


Howard Riley
Trinity St Davids, UK


Tilde Van Uytven
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium


Miloš Vujanović
Academy Of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


Igor Milošević
Freelance artist, Novi Sad, Serbia


Rada Čupić
Academy  of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


Srđan Šarović
Academy  of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


Zoran Radulović 
Academy  of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


Jelena Rezač
Academy  of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia


Stanislav Drča
Academy  of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia